Ancient Giant Sequoias Are Dying: Scientists Refuse to Acknowledge the Cause (2021)

California’s Giant Sequoias and Coast Redwoods, long symbols of strength, longevity, and resilience, have survived natural climate change for as long as 3,000 years, but are now succumbing to human manipulation of the natural environment. Scientists concerned with the wellbeing of these magnificent trees blame their recent die-offs on climate change, drought, and insects while turning a blind eye to the primary underlying cause: environmental modification by jet-emplacement in the troposphere of toxic particles evidenced as coal combustion fly ash. Said aerosolized particulates cause droughts and deluges, heat the troposphere, contaminate rain, snow, and fog with plant-killing toxins including chemically-mobile aluminum, coat foliage, and exacerbate forest fires. The aerial spraying depletes stratospheric ozone, allowing damaging ultraviolet radiation B and C to reach Earth’s surface. These environmental stressors weaken the trees to the point they are attacked by insects and pathogenic fungi. Here we disclose the unspoken, underlying cause of the die-offs of Giant Sequoias and Coast Redwoods. Through a diabolically-deceptive, Trojan horse, United Nations’ International Treaty the governments of sovereign nations were coerced to wage environmental warfare against their own citizens and the natural environment under the guise of peaceful environmental modification. Remaining trees, and indeed much of the life on Earth, can only be saved if this environmental modification is halted.

Intentional Destruction of Life on Earth (2021)

The title might suggest that this is a fictional work about an invasion from outer space. Wrong. It is a true recitation of forensic scientific and medical investigations of a near-global, near-daily conspicuous activity whose actual nature and intent is cloaked in secrecy and disinformation.

Reasons Why Geomagnetic Field Generation is Physically Impossible in Earth's Fluid Core (2021)

Despite the importance for understanding the nature of the geomagnetic field, and especially its

potential for radically disrupting modern civilization [1], virtually all scientific publications relating to it

are based upon the false assumption that the geomagnetic field is generated in the Earth’s fluid core. By

adhering to an outmoded paradigm, members of the geoscience community have potentially exposed

humanity to globally devastating risks, leaving it unprepared for an inevitable geomagnetic field


There is no scientific reason to believe that the geomagnetic field is generated within the fluid core.

Convection is physically impossible in the fluid core due to its compression by the weight above and its

inability to sustain an adverse temperature gradient. There is no evidence of ongoing inner core growth

to provide energy to drive thermal convection or to cause compositional convection. Moreover, there is

no mechanism to account for magnetic reversals and no means for magnetic seed-field production

within the fluid core to initiate dynamo amplification.

Earth’s nuclear georeactor, seat of the geomagnetic field, has none of the problems inherent in putative

fluid-core geomagnetic field production. With a mass of about one ten-millionth that of the fluid core,

georeactor sub-shell convection can potentially be disrupted by great planetary trauma, such as an

asteroid impact, or by major solar outbursts or even by human activities, for example, by deliberate

electromagnetic disturbance of the near-Earth environment, including the Van Allen belts. Furthermore,

sub-shell convection disruption might trigger surface geophysical disasters, such as super-volcano

eruptions [2-4].

Scientists have a fundamental responsibility to tell the truth and to provide scientific understanding that

benefits humanity.

Fighting “Violence Against The Earth”: Rosalind Peterson’s Historical Archives (2021)

United States citizen scientist, researcher, and anti-geoengineering activist, Rosalind Peterson of Mendocino, California, proved both pioneer and prophet. She helped catalyze a global grassroots anti-geoengineering movement through her decades-long work crusading for clearer skies, cleaner water, healthier trees and plants, and a more resilient planet free of geoengineering fallout. Peterson combined scientific data collection and research, publishing, public speaking, and political advocacy to educate the world about the many negative environmental consequences of clandestine geoengineering. Founder of the California Skywatch in 2002 and the Agricultural Defense Coalition in 2006, Peterson built an extensive collection of multimedia materials over three decades, now being archived and curated through Our Geoengineering Age for public use by the global scientific community. As an initial “sort” of her extensive archival collection reveals, Peterson proved a tenacious and courageous citizen scientist who wore many hats: environmentalist, photographer, field scientist/researcher, writer, speaker, and activist/publicist. Peterson’s decades-long effort to uncover the myriad toxic environmental impacts of clandestine geoengineering also provides a compelling, scientifically researched alternative to the widely accepted theory advanced by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that global warming is primarily caused by anthropogenically released carbon dioxide.

Whole-Earth Decompression Dynamics: New Earth Formation Geoscience Paradigm Fundamental Basis of Geology and Geophysics (2021)

Policymakers and educators depend upon the advice of scientists to warn of natural and anthropogenic dangers to the environment and to Earth’s biota. Decades of mal-administered government-funding have led to the corruption of science, however, and to the formation of unofficial cartels that promulgate a seriously flawed, consensus view of Earth’s origins, structure, and geodynamic behavior. Proponents of this “consensus” view, in contradiction to long-standing scientific principles, suppress or ignore concepts that better explain Earth’s fundamental behavior. Here I present, as published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature over a period of four decades, a fundamentally new, indivisible paradigm that posits Earth’s early formation as a Jupiter-like gas giant, which makes it possible to derive virtually all the geological and geodynamic behavior of our planet including two previously unanticipated, powerful endogenous energy sources; the origin of mountain ranges characterized by folding; the origin and typography of ocean floors and continents; the origin of fjords and the primary initiation of submarine canyons; the origin of Earth’s magnetic field; the causes of geomagnetic disruptions; the source of the geothermal gradient; the origin of Earth’s petroleum and natural gas deposits; and more. The logical, causally related advances documented here stand as a reference by which to compare and evaluate the phenomenological model-nonsense that has been published for decades by government-funded scientists.

Nature of the Universe: Astrophysical Paradigm Shifts (2021)

Over my lifetime I have witnessed the decline of scientific capability and integrity in the physical sciences. When a new idea arises, it should be discussed and debated. Attempts should be made to refute the new idea; otherwise, it should be cited in subsequent literature. That is the way science progresses, not by attempting to suppress a new idea or failing that, to ignore it. But all too often, in instances of discoveries or insights that might cause major paradigm shifts, suppression or non- recognition is what happens. Here, I describe, from a first-person perspective, several paradigm shifts in astrophysics that have been systematically ignored, including the thermonuclear ignition of stars, the nature of dark matter, why vast numbers of galaxies have just a few prominent patterns of luminous stars, the origin of chemical elements, and a new speculation about the nature of the Universe.

Causes and Consequences of Geomagnetic Field Collapse (2021)

Consequences of the next geomagnetic field collapse, concomitant with a magnetic polarity reversal or excursion, have been greatly underestimated as based upon a widely-accepted, but physically-impossible geoscience paradigm. The underlying causes of geomagnetic field collapse are inexplicable in that flawed paradigm wherein geomagnetic field production is assumed to be produced in the Earth’s fluid core. Here I review the causes and consequences of geomagnetic field collapse in terms of a new geoscience paradigm, called Whole-Earth Decompression Dynamics, specifically focusing on nuclear fission georeactor generation of the geomagnetic field and the intimate connection between its energy production and the much greater stored energy of protoplanetary compression. The nuclear georeactor is subject to a staggering range and variety of potential instabilities. Yet, its natural self-control mechanism allows stable operation without geomagnetic reversals for times longer than 20 million years. Geomagnetic reversals and excursions occur when georeactor sub-shell convection is disrupted. Disrupted sub-shell convection can occur due to (1) major trauma to Earth such as an asteroid collision or (2) change in the charge particle flux from the sun or change in the ring current either of which can induce electrical current into the georeactor via the geomagnetic field causing ohmic-heating that can potentially disrupt sub-shell convection. Further, humans could deliberately or unintentionally disrupt sub-shell convection by disrupting the charge-particle environment across portions of the geomagnetic field by nuclear detonations or by heating the ionosphere with focused electromagnetic radiation. The use of electromagnetic pulse weapons is potentially far more devastating to humanity than previously imagined, and should be prohibited. During the next polarity reversal or excursion, increased volcanic activity may be expected in areas fed by georeactor heat, such as the East African Rift System, Hawaii, Iceland, and Yellowstone in the USA. One potentially great risk is triggering the eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano.


Humanity Imperiled by the Geomagnetic Field and Human Corruption (2021)

Earth’s magnetic field acts as a shield, protecting life and our electrically-based infrastructure from the rampaging, charged-particle solar wind. In the geologic past, the geomagnetic field has collapsed, with or without polarity reversal, and inevitably it will again. The potential consequences of geomagnetic collapse have not only been greatly underestimated, but governments, scientists, and the public have been deceived as to the underlying science. Instead of trying to refute or advance a paradigm shift that occurred in 1979, global geoscientists, individuals and institutions, chose to function as a cartel and continued to promote their very-flawed concepts that had their origin in the 1930s and 1940s, consequently wasting vast amounts of taxpayer-provided research money, and making no meaningful advances or understanding. Here, from a first person perspective, I describe the logical progression of understanding from that paradigm shift, review the advances made and their concomitant implications, and touch upon a few of the many efforts that were made to deceive government officials, scientists, and the public. It is worrisome that geoscientists almost universally have engaged in suppressing or ignoring sound scientific advances, including those with potentially adverse implications for humanity. All of this suggests that the entire institutional structure of the geophysical sciences, funding, institutions, and bureaucracies should be radically reformed.


Discovery of Electricity and the Electromagnetic Force: Its Importance for Environmentalists, Educators, Physicians, Politicians, and Citizens (2020)

The discovery of static electricity in the 18th century and electromagnetism in the 19th was one of the most momentous scientific-technological events in human history. In the 21st century our way of life depends on the electromagnetic force so totally that were our electromagnetic infrastructure to collapse, our civilization would collapse virtually simultaneously. Despite this situation of profound dependency, few citizens understand the electromagnetic force, how it was discovered, how it works, and what wonders of modern life it controls. Nor do citizens understand the roles that Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere, and global electric circuit play in making electricity and life possible. Here, I review Earth’s natural electric environment and how electricity first began to be scientifically understood with the innovation of the Leyden jar in the mid-18th century; Franklin’s insights about electricity’s positive and negative poles, and its movement (later named a “current”); Galvani’s discovery of bioelectricity; and Volta’s seminal invention of the bi-metallic electrochemical battery in 1800. Ørsted’s discovery that an electric current affected a magnetized needle, causing it to swivel, in 1820 led to experiments with electromagnets by Schweigger, Arago, Ampère, Sturgeon, Henry, Faraday, and others over the course of the next decade. Observing how conducting wires induced magnetism in iron bars whenever the wires were electrified, Faraday and Henry separately discovered the principle of induction, whereby a moving magnetic field could reciprocally induce electricity in a coiled wire. Out of these momentous discoveries the “magneto-electric” telegraph was invented, and, within a single generation, the world was wired.


Warrior for Clean Skies: Anti-Geoengineering Activist Rosalind Peterson’s Environmental Legacy (2020)

US citizen scientist, researcher, and anti-geoengineering activist Rosalind Peterson of Mendocino, California, proved both pioneer and prophet. She helped catalyze a global grassroots anti-geoengineering movement through her decades-long work crusading for clearer skies, cleaner water, healthier trees and plants, and a more resilient planet free of geoengineering fallout. Peterson combined scientific data collection and research, publishing, public speaking, and political advocacy to educate the world about the many negative environmental consequences of clandestine geoengineering. In 2002 Peterson founded California Skywatch (CSW), and in 2006 the Agricultural Defense Coalition (ADC). The two organizations merged in January 2011 and remain vital online public repositories of scientific data, legislative documents, and visual evidence of covert geoengineering programs. Peterson’s indefatigable efforts over three decades to call global public attention to the environmental consequences of geoengineering exemplify the potential power of the citizen scientist to shape scientific and political processes and outcomes. Peterson’s decades-long effort to uncover the myriad toxic environmental impacts of clandestine geoengineering also provides a compelling, scientifically researched alternative to the widely accepted theory advanced by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that global warming is primarily caused by anthropogenically released carbon dioxide.

Covert Environmental Warfare Assault on India: An Open Letter to the Indian Academy of Sciences (2020)

In 2015, in response to an urgent call for assistance to understand the geological association of high aluminum mobility with human health in the Ganga Alluvial Plain, I published a General Article in Current Science entitled “Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity: implications for India”. The events that transpired following its publication led to evidence and documentation that the furtherance of that activity is tantamount to waging environmental warfare against Indian citizens, and citizens of other countries. Its publication, however, triggered an assault by one or more disinformation professionals that may have “poisoned the well” at the Indian Academy of Sciences. The truth is laid out here. During the following five years many questions were answered, such as: Why were the particles being placed into the lower-atmosphere (troposphere), not into the upper-atmosphere (stratosphere)? Why was there no public mention of the jet-emplaced particulate trails except through dissemination of false information, i.e. the contrail lie? What is the legal justification? What are the dangers to human and environmental health? The survival of Indian citizenry is critically dependent upon the natural weather cycles. No one has the right to poison the air people breathe or to disrupt the natural environment that makes life possible. The United Nations’ sanctioned “peaceful environmental improvement” constitutes, I allege, covert, hostile, environmental warfare. By virtue of their abilities and advanced training, scientists have an implicit responsibility toward humanity. Scientific integrity is even more important for members of the Indian Academy of Sciences who must now muster courage to confront a very real threat to the survival of their nation.

COVID-19 Immunopathology, Particle Pollution, and Iron Balance (2020)

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic exploded into a world already reeling from climate change, degradation of natural systems, and pandemics of air pollution and noncommunicable diseases. These pandemics are interrelated; air pollution, the world’s biggest killer, is a major contributor to noncommunicable disease. Air pollution is a probable cofactor in the spread and severity of COVID-19. There are shared mechanisms of injury by the emerging COVID-19 immunopathology, ultrafine air pollutants, and chronic degenerative disease. A key feature of each is oxidative stress, including that caused by iron dysregulation. Exogenous combustion-derived magnetite nanoparticles found in human brains and hearts are strongly implicated in the development of cardiometabolic and neurogenerative disease. Altered iron balance favoring excess reactive or misplaced iron is probably the most important predisposing condition for severe COVID-19 infection. Ultrafine-particle/nanoparticle toxicity and COVID-19 immunopathology on the subcellular level are both characterized by iron dysregulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and endoplasmic reticulum stress. Primary sources of the most damaging ultrafine pollution particles are fossil fuel combustion, vehicle emissions, and coal fly ash utilized in undisclosed tropospheric aerosol geoengineering. The same ultrafine particles when emitted or placed into the troposphere alter the world’s cloud layers and reduce atmospheric convection, directly contributing to climate change and global warming. Pandemics can only be tackled by international cooperation. Immediate steps that must be taken include monitoring and control of ultrafine particulate air pollution, and prompt cessation of geoengineering operations.

True Science for Government Leaders and Educators: Obama's U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Corruption (2020)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2014, 2015 ruling that coal fly ash is solid waste, not toxic waste, and thus can be dumped into landfills and rivers is a travesty against human and environmental health. The following EPA changes should be made: ● Coal fly ash must be deemed toxic waste, which it is; ● Dispersal of toxic coal fly ash into the environment must cease; ● Environment monitoring should be thorough, undertaken without prejudice, and include nano- and technologically created and/or modified substances; ● Research should be undertaken to find ways to extract valuable resources from coal fly ash (China extracts aluminum); and, ● The EPA must protect the environment, not purchase acquiescence through grant-giving. EPA grant-giving represents a direct conflict of interest and should cease. ● Aiding and abetting poisoning the air we breathe, the water we drink, and perverting the natural processes that make life on Earth possible is diabolically contrary to American principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence as “Safety and Happiness” and in the U. S. Constitution as “general Welfare.” The EPA, I posit, should be fundamentally changed to make human and environmental health its paramount priorities, or else the EPA should be legislated out of existence.

True Science for Government Leaders and Educators: The Main Cause for Global Warming (2020)

Government leaders and educators ought to be able to rely on scientists to tell the truth about climate change, but science has been tainted by politics. Real science, unlike politics, is all about telling the truth, truth that is securely anchored to the properties of matter and radiation. The current, high-profile, politically-driven, climate-change debate centers on two disparate ideas, namely, either global warming is caused by carbon dioxide or is not occurring at all. Neither is correct. Evidence from World War II indicates that particulate pollution, not carbon dioxide, is the cause of global warming. The difference between daily high and nightly low temperature data, tracked over time over a large geographic area, provide evidence that global warming is in fact occurring, which is independent of carbon dioxide. Particles in the lower atmosphere (troposphere) are heated by solar radiation and by radiant heat from the Earth, and transfer that heat to atmospheric gases by molecular collisions. The resultant heating increases atmospheric temperature, and reduces the temperature difference relative to air near the surface, which reduces atmospheric convection, and concomitantly reduces convective heat transport from the surface. This is the mechanism whereby particulate pollution causes global warming.

Technology Bill of Rights Needed to Protect Human and Environmental Health and the U.S. Constitutional Republic (2020)

For the protection of humanity and the planetary environment in general, and American citizens in particular, what is needed, we posit, is a set of new Constitutional Amendments that collectively form a second Bill of Rights, a Technology Bill of Rights, to protect our freedoms, health, air, water, agriculture, and the planetary environment from deliberate perversion and alteration. We describe the rationale for said Technology Bill of Rights that would: (1) Prohibit the application of any technique or method for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space; (2) Prohibit the application of any technique, including software-based process or platform or method for violating individuals free speech, censoring, altering, editing, deleting, excluding, blacklisting, or engaging in any activities that potentially bias votes or deceive the public on matters of health and/or environmental harm; and, (3) Prohibit activities of such scale and nature that would intentionally or unintentionally alter the complex but delicate balance in nature by and between myriad biota and their environments that makes our planet habitable for life. Whereas the meaning of (1) and (2) above is clear, (3) necessitates further clarification that may be inferred from the following non-exclusive examples of prohibited activities: ● Use of metallic and/or nano-particulate additions to aircraft fuel; ● Excessive launching of satellites, numbering in the tens of thousands, whose rocket exhaust might damage the ozone layer; ● Excessive exposure of humans and other biota to electromagnetic radiation; ● Use of electromagnetic radiation to heat the ionosphere; ● Pollution of air, land, water, agriculture, and aquaculture by particulates, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive nuclides, and bio-toxins; and, ● Strict oversight of biotechnology/bioengineering, including prohibition of gain-of-function experiments with potential pandemic pathogens. 

Aerosol Particulates, SARS-CoV-2, and the Broader Potential for Global Devastation (2020)

Particulate pollution has multiple, well-known, serious adverse consequences on human and environmental health. Airborne transmission has been identified as the dominant route in the global spread of COVID-19. Several lines of evidence now point to particulate pollution as a possible co-factor in the COVID-19 Pandemic, specifically, as a potential means of viral transport, and as a role in exacerbating susceptibility and mortality, and diminishing immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The association of particulate pollution with the COVID-19 Pandemic is a wake-up call to humanity that foreshadows even greater global devastation through undisclosed particulate pollution. Even in the midst of this Pandemic, we submit, the medical and public health community and others must demand a full and open accounting of all that transpired with respect to the causality of and response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including deliberate aerosol particulate pollution. 

Cataclysmic Geomagnetic Field Collapse: Global Security Concerns (2020)

In 2015, Tyler J. Williams authored “Cataclysmic Polarity Shift: Is U. S. National Security Prepared for the Next Geomagnetic Pole Reversal?” That document provides an extremely cogent and thorough description of some of the risks to national security and infrastructure expected to result from a geomagnetic polarity reversal. However, it describes geomagnetic field generation solely as currently promoted by the geophysics community which is based upon old ideas, circa 1940s- 1960s, that are taken to be factual without any attempt to understand their limitations or to evaluate their validity in light of subsequent scientific developments. Moreover, the security concerns Williams described are relevant to humanity globally. Here I have reviewed the historical development of those old ideas, pointed out their problematic nature, and reviewed subsequent published advances that overcome their inherent problems and lead to a better understanding of the geophysics related to geomagnetic polarity reversals, geomagnetic excursions, and, at some yet unknown time, the permanent demise of the geomagnetic field. Mechanisms of rapid geomagnetic field collapse, both natural and potentially human-induced, are described. The present state of nuclear georeactor activity, whether geomagnetic field collapse leads to increased georeactor output, and whether it is likely to trigger earthquakes and volcano eruptions are yetunknown matters of seriously troubling human security concerns. Global security preparedness, even though addressed by sovereign nations, should be predicated upon the latest and most correct scientific understanding. In some areas that may be the case, but in the scientific areas described here there are clearly problems. The inherent problems, I submit, do not result from inadequate funding, but from inadequate methodologies, expectations and responsibilities of scientists, their national and parent institutions, publishers, and respective funding-agencies. 

A recent PLOS ONE article utilized tabulations of opinions obtained from federal scientists to assert “perceived losses of scientific integrity under the Trump Administration.” The article presupposes the wide-spread existence of scientific integrity among federal scientists, which I refute based upon documented 40+ years’ experience making fundamental scientific discoveries which the scientific establishment systematically ignores and in instances has attempted to suppress. These discoveries include, but are not limited to: Earth’s nickel-silicide inner-core composition, the physical impossibility of both mantle convection and Earth-core convection; recognition that Earth’s early formation as a Jupiter-like gas giant makes it possible to derive virtually all geological and geodynamic behavior of our planet, including origin of continents and oceans, ocean floor topography, origin of mountains characterized by folding, primary initiation of fjords and submarine canyons, and two previously unanticipated potentially variable energy sources - nuclear fission and stored energy of protoplanetary compression; nuclear- fission-reactor origin of planetary magnetic fields, including the geomagnetic field; thermonuclear ignition of stars and the reason why the multitude of galaxies display just a few patterns of luminous stars; and, particulate pollution, not greenhouse gases, as the main cause of local and global warming. A scientific community, apparently suffering from Integrity Deficit Syndrome, cannot be expected to provide a truthful assessment, especially when queried about the actions of a president

who might change the science landscape under which they flourish. 

Global Environmental Warfare (2020)

Unlike traditional forms of warfare that cause environmental harm as collateral damage, today vast segments of biota-populations, including humans, are at risk from undeclared global environmental warfare, undertaken through deception and deceit, orchestrated by undisclosed perpetrators for undisclosed purposes. As we reveal here, the purported goal of preventing environmental warfare was the key to developing a means to co-opt sovereign nations into waging covert, highly destructive environmental warfare against their own citizens. The means involved deceiving leaders of sovereign nations into signing onto a deceptively-worded “Trojan horse” international treaty ostensibly to prohibit environmental warfare, but which specifically does not prohibit “peaceful” environmental modification where “environmental modification techniques” refers to any technique for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space.” Moreover, that international treaty mandates contribution and co-operation in unspecified environmental modification, by unspecified entities, without specificity of risks to human and environmental health. Although “environmental modification techniques” are applied and conducted with secrecy and deception, the horrific environmental damage, ascertained by scientific forensic investigations and reviewed here, cannot possibly be considered “peaceful” but instead constitute global environmental warfare. Citizens everywhere must wake up, look up, speak up, and demand an end to this environmental warfare.

Make America Great in Science Again (2020)

U. S. President Donald J. Trump is leading America and the world against the elitist-globalist goal of a One World Government. His efforts to free American entrepreneurs from unwarranted control by others are producing an economic renaissance. From a lifetime of first-hand knowledge and experience, I describe the problems that beset American science, and posit solutions for producing the cutting-edge science that Trump’s economic renaissance requires.

The ENMOD Treaty and the Sanctioned Assault on Agriculture and Human Environmental Health (2020)

The 1978 “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques” [ENMOD] obligates signatory nations to fundamentally compromise their own sovereignty and to bring about widespread, permanent agricultural devastation. Instead of prohibiting “Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques,” as its title suggests, ENMOD obligates signatory nations to participate in unspecified “peaceful” environmental modification activities performed by unspecified entities, under unspecified circumstances, without limitation to harm, whether inflicted on a nation or region’s agriculture, its environment, or on health of its population, that is, its citizenry. Large-scale environment modification cannot be construed as “peaceful;" it is instead fundamentally hostile. Ongoing undisclosed tropospheric aerosol particulate geoengineering has already begun to have devastating consequences for agriculture, as well as widespread, long-lasting, and severe effects on human and environmental health. These effects include lung cancer, cardiac, neurodegenerative, respiratory, and other diseases; the disruption of once stable weather patterns; the decimation of insect, bat, and bird populations; the exacerbation of wildfires and the death of forests; the propagation of harmful algae in our waters; and the destruction of the ozone layer that shields life from the sun’s deadly ultraviolet radiation. Ongoing sanctioned covert environmental modification activities constitute de facto warfare on sovereign nations. Moreover, those activities are blatantly contradictory to the missions of other United Nations’ entities, including, but not limited to, the World Health Organization, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Food and Agriculture Organization. Agricultural collapse and mass starvation are one of the potential consequences of environmental modification “for peaceful purposes.” Covert global environmental modification activities must be halted immediately, and permanently, if we and our progeny are to survive. The operation should be exposed to public scrutiny. When aerial particulate tropospheric emplacement ceases, the last geoengineered particulates will fall to Earth in a matter of days or weeks and global warming will be reduced. Agricultural production and public health will improve worldwide. 

Chemtrails and Not Chemtrails: Radiometric Evidence (2020)

The public and the scientific community have been systematically deceived into falsely believing that the pervasive, jet-sprayed ‘chemtrails’ are harmless ice-crystal contrails. We have presented radiometric measurements which unambiguously prove the falsity of that characterization for one specific, but typical instance. We show in a more general framework that the physical manifestations of the aerial trails are inconsistent with ice-crystal contrails, but entirely consistent with aerosol particulate trails. We describe potential reasons for the deception, and cite the extremely adverse consequences of the aerial particulate spraying on human and environmental health. For the sake of life on Earth, the modification of the natural environment by aerial particulate spraying and other methodologies must immediately and permanently end.

World War II Holds the Key to Understanding Global Warming and the Challenges Facing Science and Society (2019)

At about the same time that Russian President Valdimir Putin declared that “we are really witnessing global warming, the reasons, however, remain obscure,” Herndon published the first of six scientific articles disclosing the evidence and basis for understanding that particulate pollution, not anthropogenic greenhouse gases, is the main cause of global warming. The global warming that occurred during World War II, but which quickly subsided after hostilities ceased, was key to that understanding. The disquieting parallel of scientific behavior during World War II and at present is key to understanding the challenges humanity faces today concerning science and society.

Geoengineering, Coal Fly Ash, and the New Heart-Iron Connection: Universal Exposure to Iron Oxide Nanoparticulates (2019)

Globally, air pollution is the leading environmental cause of human disease and death, and it is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease. Air pollution damages the cardiovascular system by oxidative stress, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, and pro-thrombotic changes. Ultrafine particulate matter from the combustion of fossil fuels delivers the most potent and harmful elements of air pollution. Coal fly ash is a rich source of nano-sized metal, iron oxide, and carbonaceous particles. Previous findings revealed that coal fly ash is widely utilized in undisclosed tropospheric aerosol geoengineering. Proper iron balance is central to human health and disease, and the harmful effects of iron are normally prevented by tightly controlled processes of systemic and cellular iron homeostasis. Altered iron balance is linked to the traditional risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The iron-heart hypothesis is supported by epidemiological, clinical, and experimental studies. Biogenic magnetite (Fe3O4) serves essential life functions, but iron oxide nanoparticles from anthropogenic sources cause disease. The recent finding of countless combustion-type magnetic nanoparticles in damaged hearts of persons from highly polluted areas is definitive evidence of the connection between the iron oxide fraction of air pollution and cardiovascular disease. Spherical magnetic iron oxide particles found in coal fly ash and certain vehicle emissions match the exogenous iron pollution particles found in the human heart. Iron oxide nanoparticles cross the placenta and may act as seed material for future cardiovascular disease. The pandemic of non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular disease and also rapid global warming can be alleviated by drastically reducing nanoparticulate air pollution. It is crucial to halt tropospheric aerosol geoengineering, and to curb fine particulate emissions from industrial and traffic sources to avoid further gross contamination of the human race by iron oxide-type nanoparticles.

Geophysical Consequences of Tropospheric Particulate Heating: Further Evidence that Anthropogenic Global Warming is Principally Caused by Particulate Pollution (2019)

The climate science community and the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have misinformed world governments by failing to acknowledge tropospheric particulate geoengineering that has been ongoing with ever-increasing duration and intensity for decades, and by treating global warming solely as a radiation-balance issue, which has resulted in a seriously incomplete understanding of the fundamental factors that affect Earth’s surface temperature. Here we review the consequences of tropospheric particulate heating by absorption of short- and long- wave solar radiation and long-wave radiation from Earth’s surface. Generally, black carbon absorbs light over the entire solar spectrum; brown carbon absorbs near-UV wavelengths and, to a lesser extent, visible light; iron oxides are good absorbers, the most efficient being magnetite. Pyrogenic coal fly ash, both from coal burning and from tropospheric jet-spraying geoengineering (for military purposes and/or climate engineering), contains carbon and iron oxides, hematite and magnetite. The recently published climate-science paradigm shift discloses that the main cause of global warming is not carbon dioxide heat retention, but particulate pollution that absorbs radiation, heats the troposphere, and reduces the efficiency of atmospheric-convective heat removal from Earth’s surface. In addition to the World War II data, three other independent lines of supporting evidence are reviewed: (1) Passage overhead of the Mt. St. Helens volcanic plume; (2) Radiosonde and aethalometer investigations of Talukdar et al.; and, (3) convection suppression over the tropical North Atlantic caused by the Saharan-blown dust. The risks associated with the placement of aerosol particulates into the stratosphere, whether lofted naturally, inadvertently, or deliberately as proposed for solar radiation management, poses grave risks, including the destruction of atmospheric ozone. To solve global warming humanity must: (1) Abruptly halt tropospheric particulate geoengineering; (2) Trap particulate emissions from coal-fired industrial furnaces (especially in India and China) and from vehicle exhaust; and, (3) Reduce particulate-forming fuel additives. 

Geoengineering: The Deadly New Global "Miasma" (2019)

Near-total adherence to false scientific theories is the striking parallel between 19th century miasma theory associated with cholera, dispelled by Dr. John Snow, and 21st century “miasmas,” namely, the anthropogenic-carbon-dioxide-cause of global warming theory, and its presumed “cure” by geoengineering, undisclosed jet-spraying particulate pollution into the troposphere. An image published in the New York Times in 2017 began a series of discoveries that pointed to particulate pollution, not carbon dioxide, as the principal cause of global warming. Both industrial and deliberate jet-sprayed particulate pollution heat the atmosphere and thus reduces atmospheric convection-efficiency, which retards heat loss from earth’s surface and causes global warming, concomitantly wreaking havoc on human and environmental health. Today’s “bad air,” rather than spreading contagion, is causing a pandemic of non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) and decimating our natural environment. Covert tropospheric aerosol geoengineering, especially utilizing coal fly ash, is a primary catalyst for both of these modern disasters, and it must be recognized and halted. Air pollution is the leading environmental cause of disease and death in the world. Combustion products of fossil fuels are major contributors to both global warming and air pollution. The causes of air pollution and associated runaway global warming are modifiable in a short time frame by reducing industrial and geo-engineering particulate pollution. However, corrective actions hinge on a scientific paradigm-shift and international cooperation at all levels of authority. The modern “miasmas” of complacency encompassing the universal dangers of air pollution and the deadly code of silence on the subject of undisclosed geo-engineering must be dispelled if we are to have a “fighting chance” to confront these global public health emergencies. Despite Snow’s ground-breaking work, the stubborn belief in “miasma” as the cause of infectious disease persisted well beyond his death into the 20th Century; our time is much too short now to delay changing course. 

Role of Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash in the Global Plankton Imbalance: Case of Florida's Toxic Algae Crisis (2019)

Red tide is the term used in Florida (USA) and elsewhere to describe a type of marine harmful algal bloom (HAB) that grows out of control and produces neurotoxins that adversely affect humans, birds, fish, shellfish, and marine mammals. HABs are becoming more abundant, extensive, and closer to shore, and longer in duration than any time in recorded history. Our objective is to review the effects the multifold components of aerosolized coal fly ash as they relate to the increasing occurrences of HABs. Aerosolized coal fly ash (CFA) pollutants from non-sequestered coal-fired power plant emissions and from undisclosed, although “hidden in plain sight,” tropospheric particulate geoengineering operations are inflicting irreparable damage to the world’s surface water-bodies and causing great harm to human health (including lung cancer, respiratory and neurodegenerative diseases) and environmental health (including major die-offs of insects, birds and trees). Florida’s ever-growing toxic nightmare of red tides and blue-green algae is a microcosm of similar activity globally. Atmospheric deposition of aerosol particulates, most importantly bioavailable iron, has drastically shifted the global plankton community balance in the direction of harmful algae and cyanobacterial blooms in fresh and salt water. Proposed geoengineering schemes of iron fertilization of the ocean would only make a bad situation unimaginably worse. Based on the evidence presented here, the global spread of harmful algae blooms will only be contained by rapidly reducing particulate air pollution both by implementation of universal industrial particulate-trapping and by the immediate halting of jet-sprayed particulate aerosols. Corrective actions depend not only on international cooperation, but on ending the deadly code of silence throughout government, academe, and media on the subject of ongoing tropospheric aerosol geoengineering. Long-standing weather control, climate intervention, and geoengineering operations have come to threaten not only all humans but the entire web of life on Earth.

Further Evidence that Particulate Pollution is the Principal Cause of Global Warming: Humanitarian Considerations (2019)

Review of published data from the 1980 Mt. St. Helens volcanic eruption and diurnal temperature range data provide further new evidence that particulate pollution, not CO2, is the main cause of global warming. A mechanism is reviewed that accounts for both local and global warming resulting from (1) aerosol particulate pollutants absorbing radiation and being heated in the troposphere, (2) the transfer of that heat to the surrounding atmosphere, (3) the lowering of the atmospheric adverse temperature gradient relative to the Earth’s surface, (4) the consequent reduction of atmospheric convection, and (5) concomitant reduction of convection-driven surface heat loss. Graphic data shows global warming in lockstep with tropospheric aerosol particulate pollution, with both processes increasing in exponential fashion in recent decades. Particulate pollution health risks are reviewed, noting for example that fine pollution particles penetrate deep into lungs and systemic circulation and contribute to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, COPD, respiratory infections, asthma and neurodegenerative disease. The good news is that global warming can be substantially and quickly reduced if particulate-trapping and particulate-reducing technologies are universally applied and the covert geoengineering aerial particulate jet-spraying ceases. The bad news is that dominant segments of academic and other significant institutional communities – government and government-contractors, intelligence agencies, environmental organizations, media, military and military contractors – are complicit and profit from poisoning the air we breathe. No one should derive benefit therefrom; something is fundamentally wrong. 

Role of Atmospheric Convection in Global Warming (2019)

Aims: Geophysical convection calculations can potentially obscure details necessary to understand convective-heat-transfer changes caused by changes in the adverse temperature gradient. The objective is to ascertain the functional relationship between adverse temperature gradient and convection efficiency. 

Methodology: A classroom-demonstration experiment was conducted to illustrate the principle that convection efficiency is a direct function of the adverse temperature gradient.

Results: Application of this principle to climate science has profound implications for global warming. A brief period of global warming during World War ll followed by rapid global cooling afterward is attributable, not to carbon dioxide, but to particulate pollution and its generalization to post-1950 global warming. Rather than simply blocking sunlight and causing global cooling, aerosol particles are radiation absorbers that rapidly transfer heat to the surrounding atmosphere, raising its temperature relative to atmospheric temperature at Earth’s surface. Thus the reduction of the adverse temperature gradient between the upper troposphere and the surface reduces atmospheric convection and concomitantly reduces convection-driven surface heat loss, causing global warming, heating the oceans, and reducing CO2 solubility and releasing dissolved CO2 to the atmosphere. 

Conclusions: Increasing levels of atmospheric CO2, rather than causing global warming, are symptomatic of particulate-pollution-caused global warming. The Anthropocene idea cannot be justified by anthropogenic CO2. Instead the Anthropocene is better characterized by anthropogenic particulate pollution. A drastic reduction in particulate-pollutant emissions will be followed by a rapid and drastic reduction in global warming, as tropospheric pollution-particulates fall to ground in days to weeks, thus increasing atmospheric convection efficiency and potentially providing a radical solution to the global climate crisis. Moreover, reduction of particulate-pollution, the greatest environmental health-threat, will potentially save millions of lives and reduce the suffering of many more. 

Fundamental Climate Science Error: Concomitant Harm to Humanity and the Environment (2018)

The climate science community (CSC) has misrepresented climate change, falsely claiming carbon dioxide causes global warming, and developing computer models of Earth’s radiation balance without taking into consideration the tropospheric particulate geoengineering that has been taking place for several decades, thus rendering invalid those models and their interpretations. The CSC misunderstands the science underlying particulate pollution in the troposphere, typically maintaining that aerosolized particulates cool the Earth. As described here, pollution particles, including those jet-sprayed into the region where clouds form, reflect some radiation, but also absorb radiation and become heated. The heat is transferred to the surrounding atmosphere, thus increasing its temperature. The increased atmospheric temperature causes loss of heat-transfer efficiency by convection from Earth’s surface, and concomitant reduction of Earth’s heat loss. Climate science has been corrupted and coerced by military, commercial, and globalist political agendas. Were the environmentally devastating geoengineering activities to continue unabated, life on Earth will keep progressing towards the first anthropogenic mass extinction. One primal right of all human beings is to breathe clean air that has not been deliberately tainted with toxic substances, a right subverted by covert global geoengineering. Every sovereign nation has the right, and the obligation, to protect the health and welfare of its citizens. The deliberate aerial spraying of pollution particulates constitutes an attack, not only on a nation’s citizens, but an attack on the sovereign nation itself, whether that attack originates from treasonous activities within the sovereign nation or from outside. Here I describe five policy proposals, applicable to all sovereign nations, to end geoengineering attacks on citizens.

Scientific Misrepresentations and the Climate-Science Cartel (2018)

For thirty years, the climate-science cartel has served the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) by providing flawed scientific justification for its political goal of a world governance system. The climate-science cartel incorrectly claims increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide arises primarily from fossil-fuel burning and causes global warming. Actually, atmospheric carbon dioxide increases are driven from the oceans by increasing temperatures, as evidence indicates. The climate-science cartel subscribes to the proposition that aerosol particulates cool the climate, whereas greenhouse gases warm it. This proposition’s reliability is questioned by showing that the rise of the production of particulate-polluting fuels parallels the rise in temperatures during most of the 20th century. Carbon dioxide is not the enemy; air pollution, especially particulate pollution is. Global warming caused by particulate pollution can be reduced by minimizing or stopping pollution-causing activities, burning cleaner fuels, and trapping pollutants more efficiently. IPCC models fail to include effects of decades of deliberate atmospheric modification (geoengineering), a critical element of Earth’s radiation balance which invalidates all climate models based upon Earth’s radiation balance. Air pollution is the leading environmental cause of disease and death worldwide, and it is increasing at an alarming rate. Cited studies indicate that the unspoken atmospheric-modification by particulates, evidenced as coal fly ash, increases global warming and poses risk factors for many diseases, including lung cancer, neurodegenerative disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), as well as forest, bird, bee and insect die- offs, and other dangers to life on Earth. Geoengineering must be quickly and permanently halted.

Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash: A Previously Unrecognized Primary Factor in the Catastrophic Global Demise of Bird Populations and Species (2018)

Objectives: Bird populations and species world-wide are experiencing die-offs on an unprecedented scale. Forensic evidence is consistent with coal fly ash (CFA), the toxic waste product of coal-burning, being the main aerosol particulate utilized in atmospheric geoengineering. The principal objective of this paper is to disclose previously unrecognized factors, arising from CFA, which underlie the catastrophic and global decline of birds. 

Methods: We utilized inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and conducted extensive literature research.

Results: New data presented here confirm the unmistakable footprint of CFA in atmospheric precipitation and air-drop samples. Review of the literature reveals the increasing importance of air pollution on global bird populations. Aerosolized CFA, a particularly toxic form of air pollution, contains multiple metals and elements well-known to adversely affect all portions of the avian life cycle, in aerial, terrestrial, and marine environments. Studies from around the globe reveal systemic contamination of birds by these elements. 

Conclusions: Coal fly ash, including its use in ongoing atmospheric geoengineering operations, is a major factor in global bird die-off. The accelerating decline of birds parallels the catastrophic decline of insects, due in part to the same type of aerial pollution. There is an urgent need to recognize and halt atmospheric geoengineering if there is to be any chance of reducing the drastic decline of birds and the associated degradation of natural ecosystems. If the aerial spraying can be stopped, the gradual recovery of bird populations would be the best evidence that CFA is, in fact, a leading cause of the drastic avian decline.

Air Pollution, Not Greenhouse Gases: The Principal Cause of Global Warming (2018)

Aim: Gottschalk demonstrated the bump coincident with World War II is a robust feature showing up in eight independent NOAA temperature databases. Without contradicting Gottschalk's conclusion, I consider the broader activities of WW2, especially the manner of altering Earth's delicate energy balance by particulate aerosols and then generalise to post-WW2 global warming. The aim is to present evidence that particulate pollution, not greenhouse gases, is the principal cause of global warming. 

Method: Arrange seemingly unrelated observations into a logical sequence in the mind so that causal relationships become evident.

Results: The World War II wartime particulate-pollution, I submit, had the same global-warming consequence as the subsequent ever-increasing global aerosol particulate-pollution from (1) increases in aircraft and vehicular traffic, and the industrialization of China and India with their smokestacks spewing out smoke and coal fly ash and from (2) coal fly ash covertly jet-sprayed into the region where clouds form on a near-daily, near-global basis. Spraying coal fly ash into the atmosphere not only causes global warming by altering Earth’s delicate thermal balance, but it is a major risk factor for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and neurodegenerative disease, as well as being involved in the global catastrophic bee and insect die-off and in forest die-offs worldwide, poisoning the biosphere with mercury, and destroying atmospheric ozone that protects us from the sun’s deadly ultraviolet radiation. The continued deliberate pollution of our atmosphere with aerosolized coal fly ash will inevitably cripple our ability to produce food crops and will cause untold death and destruction, for example, by altering Monsoon weather patterns and by exacerbating wildfires. 

Conclusion: The main cause of global warming is particulate pollution, not greenhouse gases. Unless atmospheric modification utilizing aerosolized coal fly ash is halted, we drive ever-forward toward the first anthropogenic mass extinction of life on Earth.

California Wildfires: Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation and Geoengineering (2018)

In this Review, we aim to reveal an unrecognized source of causality leading to increases in combustibility, intensity, and the extent of California, United States of America wildfires, and the concomitant harm to human and environmental health. We review literature, including scientific and medical, and evidence, including photographic, of near-daily, near-global jet-spraying particulates in the atmosphere as related to wildfires. We review the evidence that atmospheric manipulation utilizing aerosolized coal fly ash is a primary factor in the extent and severity of forest fires in California and elsewhere; adverse effects include exacerbation of drought, tree and vegetation die- off and desiccation, and unnaturally heating the atmosphere and surface regions of Earth. Forest combustibility is increased by moisture-absorbing aerosolized particles that damage the waxy coatings of leaves and needles, reducing their tolerance to drought. The aerial climate manipulation using coal fly ash greatly increases the potential for forest fire ignition by lightening. Wildfires dramatically worsen baseline air pollution, emitting harmful gases and volatile organic compounds, and they both concentrate and re-emit toxic elements and radioactive nuclides over a wide area. The type of air pollution created by wildfires is associated with increased all-cause mortality, with the greatest impact on respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that aerosolized coal fly ash is an important risk factor for chronic lung disease, lung cancer and neurodegenerative disease. Failure to recognize multifold adverse consequences of jet-spraying particulates into the atmosphere, we submit, will continue the progression of ever-accelerating ecological disasters. 

Previously Unrecognized Potential Factors in Catastrophic Bee and Insect Die-off Arising from Coal Fly Ash Geoengineering (2018)

Aims: We investigate previously unacknowledged potentially major contributory factors in global catastrophic bee and insect die-off that arise from the use of aerosolized coal fly ash (CFA) for covert weather and climate manipulation. We also present forensic evidence that CFA is the primary material used in atmospheric aerosol geoengineering operations. 

Methods: We conducted extensive literature research and additionally utilized inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.

Results: The primary components of CFA, silicon, aluminum, and iron, consisting in part of magnetite (Fe3O4), all have important potential toxicities to insects. Many of the trace elements in CFA are injurious to insects; several of them (e.g., arsenic, mercury, and cadmium) are used as insecticides. Toxic particulates and heavy metals in CFA contaminate air, water, and soil and thus impact the entire biosphere. Components of CFA, including aluminum extractable in a chemically- mobile form, have been shown to adversely affect insects in terrestrial, aquatic, and aerial environments. Both the primary and trace elements in CFA have been found on, in, and around insects and the plants they feed on in polluted regions around the world. Magnetite from CFA may potentially disrupt insect magnetoreception. Chlorine and certain other constituents of aerosolized CFA potentially destroy atmospheric ozone thus exposing insects to elevated mutagenicity and lethality levels of UV-B and UV-C solar radiation. 

Conclusions: It is necessary to expose and halt atmospheric aerosol geoengineering to prevent further gross contamination of the biosphere. As insect populations decline, bird populations will decline, and ultimately so will animal populations, including humans. The gradual return of insects when the aerial spraying is stopped will be the best evidence that aerosolized CFA is, in fact, a leading cause of the current drastic decline in insect population and diversity.

Previously Unrecognized Primary Factors in the Demise of Endangered Torrey Pines: A Microcosm of Global Forest Die-offs (2018)

Objective: Forests worldwide are experiencing die-offs on an unprecedented scale. So too is the endangered Torrey Pine, Pinus torreyana. Just as the global toxicity from acid rain was recognized and abatement measures taken, a new undisclosed source of atmospheric toxins from geoengineering rapidly escalated to near-global scale. Published forensic evidence is consistent with coal fly ash (CFA), the toxic waste-product of coal-burning, being the main particulate used for geoengineering. The objective of this paper is to disclose unrecognized primary factors arising from geoengineering which underlie the demise of Torrey Pines and global forest die-offs. 

Methods: Snow and fog water samples collected after aerial spraying were analyzed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and interpreted in light of extensive field observations.

Results: Atmospheric moisture extracts many elements in water-soluble form from aerosolized CFA, including aluminum, which is hazardous to many biota, especially trees. Needles and leaves trap toxin-laden atmospheric moisture, and concentrate it by evaporation. Additionally, toxin- concentrate evaporates on needles and leaves, adversely affecting respiration. Eventually, the re- solubilized toxin-concentrate falls to the ground and enters the root system. This is one of the primary factors which underlie the demise of Torrey Pines and forest die-offs worldwide. Another primary factor is enhanced solar ultraviolet radiation, which is caused, we posit, in part by disruption of atmospheric ozone by aerosolized CFA, which contains ozone-killing chlorine in variable amounts ranging as high as 25,000 μg/g. Together, these primary debilitating factors weaken trees’ natural defenses and make them vulnerable to insects, such as bark beetles, fungal infections, and other biotic factors.


Conclusion: We disclose a natural mechanism whereby trees’ needles and leaves concentrate toxins extracted by moisture from aerosolized coal fly ash used for intentional, man-made weather and climate change. This form of deliberate air pollution must be halted to preserve Earth’s forests. 

Fifty Years after “How to Wreck the Environment”: Anthropogenic Extinction of Life on Earth (2018)

Aims: Fifty years ago, geoscientist Gordon J. F. MacDonald penned a book-chapter entitled, “How to Wreck the Environment”, in which he described how a nation might alter the environment so as to covertly inflict harm on an enemy nation. Our objective is to review MacDonald’s suggestions of environmental warfare strategies in light of subsequent technological advances, and in the context of actual deployment of the war methods he described. 

Methods: We review the interdisciplinary, historical, scientific and medical literature.

Results: MacDonald discussed overt and covert weather warfare based upon seeding clouds to cause rainfall. Subsequently, a method was developed for inhibiting rainfall by jet-emplacing pollution particulates where clouds form. For at least two decades citizens have observed such particulate trails occurring with increasing frequency. Forensic scientific investigations implicate toxic coal fly ash as their main constituent. Around 2010, the aerial particulate spraying ramped-up to a near-daily, near-global level. Presumably, a secret international agreement mandated the aerial spraying as a ‘sunshade’ for Earth. However, aerial spraying, rather than cooling, heats the atmosphere, retards Earth’s heat loss, and causes global warming. MacDonald also discussed destroying atmospheric ozone and triggering earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, activities now possible with high-frequency ionospheric heaters. 

Conclusions: The U. S. military’s ongoing decision to weaponize the environment for national security purposes was accurately forecasted by MacDonald. But he failed to realize that national militaries could and would be co-opted by a secret international agreement the consequence of which, however unintentional, was to wage war on planet Earth, on all its biota, and on its natural, biogeochemical processes. Unless and until politicians, news media, scientists, and others in our society face the truth of what is happening before their very eyes and collectively demand a halt to these covert technological activities, we will march onward – to the first anthropogenic-caused mass extinction.

Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash: Risk Factor for COPD and Respiratory Disease (2018)

Aim: Coal fly ash (CFA) is a significant contributor to ambient air pollution in India and China, but regulations require its trapping and sequestering in Western nations. Members of the public chronically exposed to aerosolized CFA are likely to have an increased incidence of respiratory disease, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Our objective is to review the multiple chemical constituents of aerosolized CFA in connection with their potentiality to cause COPD and respiratory disease. 

Methods: We review the interdisciplinary medical, public health, and scientific literature.
Results: Tropospheric geoengineering is and has been undertaken since the beginning of the 21st century, with increasing frequency and duration, without public discussion and without disclosure of the particulate matter composition being placed into the air we breathe, or its effects on biota including humans. Published data is consistent with the primary constituent being CFA, the toxic waste-product of coal-burning. We review and to bring together evidence spread throughout the medical/scientific literature that bears on the health risks posed by particulate matter, and especially CFA, aerosolized in industrial settings and in the troposphere during geoengineering activities and to consider in particular the potential consequences on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and respiratory disease. 

Conclusion: Aerosolized CFA is a particularly hazardous form of deliberate air pollution. Ultrafine particles and nanoparticles found in coal fly ash can be inhaled into the lungs and produce many toxic effects including decreased host defenses, tissue inflammation, altered cellular redox balance toward oxidation, and genotoxicity. Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation can predispose to chronic lung disease. Recognition and public disclosure of the adverse health effects of geoengineering projects taking place in our skies, and their concomitant cessation will be necessary to prevent an ever-widening epidemic of COPD and other respiratory illnesses. 

Deadly Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-B Penetration to Earth's Surface (2018)

Aims: The dangerous portion of ultraviolet radiation is widely believed to be completely absorbed by the atmosphere before reaching Earth’s surface. Our objective is to make multiple measurements at Earth’s surface of the solar irradiance spectrum in the range 200-400 nm. Methods: We made numerous measurements of the solar irradiance spectrum in the range 200- 400 nm at an elevation of 56 m with International Light Technologies ILT950UV Spectral Radiometer mounted on a Meade LXD55 auto guider telescope tripod and mount assembly. 

Results: Our multifold measurements of solar irradiance spectra demonstrate conclusively that all wavelengths in the spectral range 200-400 nm reach Earth’s surface, contrary to the widespread perception that all UV-C and the majority of UV-B never reach the surface. We confirm the surface UV-C measurements of D’Antoni et al. (2007) that were disputed, based on faulty computer model calculations of atmospheric ozone, and thereafter ignored by the geoscience community. 

Conclusions: The veracity of our data and D’Antoni et al. (2007)’s data call into question the validity of atmospheric ozone models. Further, we call into question the simplistic supposition of the Montreal Protocol that chloro-fluoro-hydrocarbons are the primary cause of ozone depletion, and point to the very heavy burden of halogens introduced into the atmosphere by ongoing jet-sprayed coal-fly-ash geoengineering. We demonstrate that satellite-based LISIRD solar spectra irradiance at the top of the atmosphere is badly flawed with some regions of the spectrum being less intense than measured at Earth’s surface. That calls into question any calculations made utilizing LISIRD data. We provide introductory information on the devastating effects of UV-B and UV-C on humans, phytoplankton, coral, insects and plants. These will be discussed in greater detail in subsequent articles.

Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash: Risk Factor for Neurodegenerative Disease (2018)

Aims: Coal fly ash (CFA), the major waste product of coal-burning utilities, is trapped and contained in Western nations, but not generally in India and China, where it is a major component of air pollution. In Western nations, the CFA trapping is inefficient, exposing downwind populations to the toxic aerosols. Similarly, CFA industry workers and those living downwind of coal ash piles may be exposed to the wind-blown toxins. Aerosolized coal fly ash, especially as used for climate manipulation, is a particularly hazardous form of air pollution. Our objective is to review the multifold components of coal fly ash, linked to neurodegenerative disease, which is rapidly increasing world-wide. 

Methods: We review the interdisciplinary scientific and medical literature.


Results: The recent finding of spherical exogenous magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles in the brain tissue of persons with dementia suggests an origin in air pollution produced by coal fly ash. The primary components of coal fly ash, iron oxides and aluminosilicates, are all found in the abnormal proteins that characterize Alzheimer's dementia. The presence of these substances in brain tissue leads to oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Energy absorbed by magnetite from external electromagnetic fields may contribute to this neuropathology. 

Conclusions: Considering the well-known and manifold toxicities of CFA, the public should be made aware of the potential risks for neurodegenerative disease posed by aerosolized CFA, including its use in climate alteration activities. We have set forth the basis for understanding how this kind of pollution may damage cognitive abilities. It is a form of pollution that should be halted altogether. 

Coal Fly Ash Aerosol: Risk Factor for Lung Cancer (2018)

Aim: Coal fly ash (CFA) is a major contributor to ambient air pollution in China and India, but it is trapped and sequestered in Western nations. Members of the public chronically exposed to aerosolized CFA are likely to have an increased incidence of respiratory disease, including lung cancer. Our objective is to review the multiple carcinogenic constituents of aerosolized coal fly ash in connection with their potentiality to cause lung cancer. 

Methods: We review the interdisciplinary scientific and medical literature.

Results: CFA contains a variety of potentially carcinogenic substances including aluminosilicates, an iron oxide-containing magnetic fraction, several toxic trace elements, nanoparticles, and alpha- particle-emitting radionuclides. Silica, arsenic, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium are found in CFA and all have been associated with increased lung cancer risk. Radical generation catalyzed by transition metals associated with the particulate matter in CFA can result in a cascade of cell signaling, transcription factor activation, and mediator release. Ferric iron in the aluminum-silicate glass phase of CFA is a source of bioavailable iron. There is emerging evidence that reactive iron induces cancer stem cells and aggressive phenotypes in lung cancer. The potential pulmonary toxicity and carcinogenicity of aerosolized CFA is suggested by studies of asbestos, a fibrous silicate that also contains iron oxide. CFA contains an abundance of ultrafine particles and nanoparticles, including magnetite (Fe3O4). These tiny particles are toxic to lung cells, capable of producing oxidative stress, cytotoxicity, and genotoxicity. Radioactive elements are concentrated in CFA. CFA can settle deep in the lungs where its alpha-particle-emitting radionuclides pose significant risk factors for lung cancer. 

Conclusion: Considering the well-known and manifold toxicities of CFA, the public should be made aware of the potential risks for lung cancer and severe respiratory disease posed by aerosolized CFA including its use in climate alteration activities. 

Contamination of the Biosphere with Mercury: Another Potential Consequence of On-going Climate Manipulation Using Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash (2017)

Objectives: Atmospheric aerosol climate manipulation has been undertaken since at least the beginning of the 21st century, with increasing frequency and duration, without public discussion, and without disclosure of the particulate matter composition being placed into the air we breathe. Nor have the effects of this activity on biota including humans been discussed. Forensic evidence published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature is consistent with coal fly ash (CFA), the toxic waste-product of coal-burning, being the main undisclosed geoengineering-particulate. The objective of this paper is to provide additional evidence that the particulate matter aerosolized in the atmosphere during geoengineering activities is coal fly ash and to consider the concomitant potential consequences of contaminating the biosphere with mercury. 

Methods: Inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) was used to investigate evidence bearing on the composition of geoengineering material. 

Results: Analyses of rainwater and snow provide further evidence that coal fly ash is the primary component dispersed in the atmosphere for geoengineering purposes. Consequently, this near- daily, near-global climate manipulation activity poses a previously unrecognized risk for environmental mercury contamination by deliberately aerosolized CFA that contains mercury in variable amounts (Table 1) ranging as high as 2 μg/g. 

Conclusion: Despite strengthened mercury emission regulations, mercury measured in rainwater is increasing. Since it is known that the upper troposphere contains oxidized, particle-bound mercury, it is likely that covert aerosolized coal fly ash sprayed into this region is a major source of mercury pollution. Mercury affects multiple systems in the body, potentially causing neurological, cardiovascular, genitourinary, reproductive, immunological, and even genetic disease. Because atmospheric climate manipulation using coal-fly-ash-based aerosols represents a potential globally pervasive environmental-source of this toxic element, it must be recognized and appropriate steps taken to halt climate geoengineering.

An Open Letter to Members of AGU, EGU, and IPCC Alleging Promotion of Fake Science at the Expense of Human and Environmental Health and Comments on AGU Draft Geoengineering Position Statement (2017)

Numerous American Geophysical Union (AGU) members along with members of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the European Geosciences Union (EGU) have been involved in failing to tell the full truth about climate change. These scientists promote the claim that greenhouse gases, most especially anthropogenic carbon dioxide, are responsible for global warming. They remain silent about the consequences of the daily, near-global aerosol geoengineering that has been taking place since at least the 1990s with growing scope and intensity [4]. Failure to discuss this massive global anthropogenic phenomenon not only negates the validity of these scientists’ assertions about climate change, but, Herndon alleges, makes those individuals, and their associated institutions, party to the biggest science scam ever perpetrated. And, as well, party to an activity many may consider to be a crime against humanity and the environment [5]. 

Evidence of Variable Earth-heat Production, Global Non-anthropogenic Climate Change, and Geoengineered Global Warming and Polar Melting (2017)

Climate models evaluated by the IPCC are based on the assumptions that: (1) Heat derived from the Sun is constant; (2) Heat derived from within the Earth is constant; and, (3) Anthropogenic contributions to atmospheric warming stem mainly from heat retention by CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Geophysical evidence of variable earthquake activity and geological evidence of variable submarine volcanism presented here indicate that heat added to the oceans is variable. The increasing occurrences of earthquakes of magnitudes ≥6 and ≥7 during 1973-2015 indicate volcanic activity is increasing and therefore Earth-heat, as well as volcanic CO2 additions, is increasing. Moreover, increased heat additions to the ocean act to decrease seawater solubility of CO2, ultimately releasing additional CO2 to the atmosphere. Furthermore, increasing submarine volcanic activity implies increasing ocean acidification, but data are insufficient to make quantitative estimates. The validity of IPCC evaluations and assessments depends critically upon due consideration being given to all processes that potentially affect Earth’s heat balance. In addition to the geological and geophysical processes discussed, the scientific community, including IPCC scientists, has turned a blind eye to ongoing tropospheric geoengineering that in recent years has been occurring on a near-daily, near-global basis. Tropospheric aerosolized particulates, evidenced as coal fly ash, inhibit rainfall, heat the atmosphere, and cause global warming. Evidence obtained from an accidental air-drop release indicates efforts to melt glacial ice and enhance global warming. By ignoring ongoing tropospheric geoengineering, IPCC assessments are compromised, as is the moral authority of the United Nations.

An Indication of Intentional Efforts to Cause Global Warming and Glacier Melting (2017)

Aims: On or about February 14, 2016, an oily-ashy substance was accidently released by an aircraft and fell on seven residences and vehicles in Harrison Township, Michigan (USA). The aims of this investigation are to analyze the “air-drop material” and from the results obtained to draw inferences as to the intended purpose of the material. 

Methodology: Inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analysis were used to analyze the “air-drop material”.

Results: The “air-drop material” was found to consist of an assemblage of plant material mixed with coal fly ash and salt. The splatter pattern on vehicles, ground, and rooftops resembles cryoconite holes observed on ablating glaciers worldwide. The “air-drop material” resembles to some extent natural cryoconite, and appears to be modeled after that substance with coal fly ash imparting the dark gray color that absorbs sunlight, melts glacial ice, and contributes to global warming. 

Conclusions: The results of this investigation provide evidence that is indicative of a deliberate effort to hasten the melting of glaciers and thereby hasten global warming. If so, this investigation reinforces the net effect of daily particulate aerosol spraying in the troposphere observed worldwide. Elsewhere the author has provided evidence that coal fly ash is the primary material being employed in such spraying whose net effect is to enhance global warming. Scientists worldwide should call for, and indeed demand, a full and open investigation into these covert geoengineering activities whose potential impacts on Earth’s climate system, the integrity of Earth’s biota, and on human health may prove to be extremely hazardous.

Further Evidence of Coal Fly Ash Utilization in Tropospheric Geoengineering: Implications on Human and Environmental Health (2017)

We disclose a fourth independent line of evidence, based on the co-precipitation technique, pointing to coal fly ash as the material utilized in tropospheric geoengineering, and describe some of the adverse environmental and public health risks associated with its persistent application. During a snow storm, the fluffy snow traps geoengineering-aerosol-particulates and brings them down with the snow. The results of the ICP-MS analytical measurements of the snow-melt particulates we tested are consistent with three independent lines of evidence that coal fly ash is the main aerosolized particulate used for tropospheric geoengineering. Coal fly ash tropospheric geoengineering inhibits rainfall to change weather/climate which disrupts habitats, including arable habitats. Long periods of artificially induced drought can wreak economic disaster on farmers, and shift the delicate balance in nature, weakening natural defenses and giving a boost to aggressive pathogens. Coal fly ash when exposed to water or body fluids can release a host of toxic chemicals including neuro-toxic aluminum in a chemically mobile form and carcinogens such as arsenic, hexavalent chromium, and the radioactive elements, uranium, thorium and their daughter products. The only safe geoengineering is no geoengineering at all.

Adverse Agricultural Consequences of Weather Modification (2016)

For at least fifteen years, with ever increasing frequency and extent, weather modification and/or climate alteration investigations have been conducted without public disclosure to perfect a covert methodology for inhibiting rainfall to deliberately damage a sovereign nation’s agricultural economy. This research discloses methodology for inhibiting rainfall, the evidence of coal combustion fly ash utilization, the adverse consequences on agriculture, and the adverse health implications on biota, including humans. The harm to agriculture comes primarily from aluminum addition to soil, changing soil pH and changing historic weather patterns. Aluminum in a chemically mobile form, not only harms plants, but is toxic to most biota, including humans. The micron and submicron particulates are used for weather modification contain heavy metals and radioactive elements which pose potentially grave human health threats including, but not limited to, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases and reduced male fertility. Understanding that methodology and its adverse consequences by the agricultural community is crucial to identify and stop covert operations aimed at damaging the agricultural economy of a sovereign nation.

Obtaining Evidence of Coal Fly Ash Content in Weather Modification (Geoengineering) through Analysis of Post-Aerosol-Spraying Rainwater and Solid Substances (2016)

Since the late 1990s, tanker jets have been spraying particulate matter into the troposphere with no disclosure of the chemical compositions which mix with the air people breathe. Using forensic chemical methodologies, I discovered and published evidence that the main aerosolized component is coal combustion fly ash, a toxic nightmare. One of the methodologies used involves comparison of elements dissolved in rainwater, presumably leached from the aerosol particulates, with laboratory data on the water-leachate of European coal fly ash samples. Here, Herndon describes that methodology so that others can utilize and extend it. Another of the methodologies involves direct comparison of elements analyzed in solid substances with corresponding elements analyzed in coal fly ash samples. Herndon also describes that methodology, indicates some potential materials of interest, and points out possible limitations. 

Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity and Earth's Biota by Clandestine Geoengineering Activity (2015)

Since the late 1990s, tanker jets have been spraying particulate matter into the troposphere with no disclosure of the chemical compositions which mix with the air people breathe. Using forensic chemical methodologies, Herndon discovered and published evidence that the main aerosolized component is coal combustion fly ash, a toxic nightmare. One of the methodologies used involves comparison of elements dissolved in rainwater, presumably leached from the aerosol particulates, with laboratory data on the water-leachate of European coal fly ash samples. Here. Herndon describe sthat methodology so that others can utilize and extend it. Another of the methodologies involves direct comparison of elements analyzed in solid substances with corresponding elements analyzed in coal fly ash samples. Herndon also describes that methodology, indicates some potential materials of interest, and points out possible limitations.