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Q. What is “geoengineering”?

A. “Geoengineering” involves deliberate activities to change any of Earth’s biogeochemical systems, preeminently the climate, either through manipulation of the atmosphere’s chemical composition or through heating the upper atmosphere with electromagnetic technologies.

Q. Why is this project titled “Our Geoengineering Age”?

A. Military and political elites have been engaged in weather and climate modification efforts since the 1940s, yet we have seen little public conversation about these climate-altering activities. The inhabitants of our planet Earth live in an era being shaped by geoengineering efforts – it is time to crack open the public conversation about these activities.

Q. Of what value is geoengineering to human civilizations?

A. Proponents of geoengineering claim that GE activity can “cool” the planet and help solve the problem of “global warming,” as stated by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The truth is more complex, as the OGA series explains.

Q. Is “cloud seeding” a form of geoengineering?

A. A form of weather modification, “cloud seeding” is best thought of as a localized weather- altering technology focused on increasing rainfall through cloud manipulation.

Q. Are there differences between “weather modification” and “climate modification”?

A. See above. Climate modification is a much more ambitious regional and potentially global form of high-tech planetary manipulation.

Q. Geoengineering’s supporters claim that geoengineering is not yet actually occurring. Do you agree?

A. In OGA, we piece together the puzzle to prove that clandestine geoengineering has been underway in our skies in earnest for at least two decades.

Q. So when you discuss “geoengineering,” you are talking about “chemtrails,” right?

A. The phrase “chemtrails,” which first appeared in US Air Force academy chemistry textbooks, has been weaponized in the popular news media to marginalize and discredit citizens interested in discussing geoengineering activities, derisively referring to them as “conspiracy theorists.” As Congressman Dennis Kucinich said, “chemtrails are real."

Q. Isn’t what you are describing some sort of “conspiracy theory”?

A. The phrase “conspiracy theory” was invented by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the mid-1960s to discredit critics of the Warren Report, the official US government explanation for the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. The evidence for geoengineering is voluminous, as we explain in the OGA series.

Q. Assuming you are correct in stating that geoengineering is occurring – why don’t we more public conversation about it?

A. The signing of the 1978 ENMOD treaty drove the public geoengineering conversation underground in the United States, as all signatories were bound not to engage in “environmental warfare."

Q. Can you suggest more resources for understanding geoengineering?

A. Please see our RESOURCES page here at the web site.

Q. How can I support your work here at “Our Geoengineering Age”?

A. Please share our web site and research widely, and feel free to make a donation through our DONATION page.

Q. Are you available for public comment and presentations on geoengineering?

A. We are. Contact us at contact

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