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OGA: Now LIVE On Twitter! (OCTOBER 2020 UPDATE)

Happy October, Sky Watchers!

Our OGA team hopes this monthly update finds all of you healthy, well, and watching our skies.

Exciting updates:

1) We continue to update our SCIENCE page with new peer-reviewed scientific papers, thanks to the good research and hard work of J. Marvin Herndon and Mark Whiteside.

2) Our ESSAYS page takes the reader on a historical tour of geoengineering's global emergence, thanks to the good research and hard work of Ian Baldwin with support from Rob Williams.

3) Our archival work curating the legendary citizen activist Rosalind Peterson's geoengineer-focused whistleblowing continues - we will start sharing Ms. Peterson's ground breaking work as it unfolds. In the meantime, if you missed last month's WHAT's NEW update, don't miss her testimony in front of the United Nations.

4) Finally, we are pleased to announce that OGA is now officially on Twitter. Follow us and share the good word re: OGA's unfolding work.

Eye on our Skies!


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