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The "Age of The Pyrocene" / "Climate Change" Catastrophism – “How Dare You!” ("Wild Fires" +)

Publisher’s Note: With "wild fires" raging across the world, it seems clear that the official CO2-focused Climate Change Narrative (in a nutshell –>anthropogenic greenhouse gas (i.e. carbon and methane) emissions are causing catastrophic planetary warming) – must be challenged, given the ways in which “climate change” is now being used to usher in the Great Reset, the 4th Industrial Revolution, the "Age of the Pyrocene," and systemic transformations in all forms of human (and non human) life.

Read our detailed critique of environmentalist Bill McKibben/The New Yorker's climate change and geoengineering "take" here.

Here is a compilation of resources worth considering, in the spirit of dialogue and debate.

We’ve reported on this story for years – and we suggest plenty of other resources, as well.

Start here.

Foundational Books and Films:

TWENTY PROBLEMS with the OFFICIAL “CLIMATE CHANGE” NARRATIVE (remembering that understanding the environmental implications of ongoing clandestine global GEOENGINEERING efforts is THE key to understanding 21st century "Climate Change")

  1. Overhyping previous “climate crises” – global cooling, acid rain, ozone layer depletion – all of which have proved to be exaggerated or unfounded;

  2. Dismissing of the myriad benefits of oil/fossil fuels by climate activists;

  3. Refusing to acknowledge that oil/fossil fuel use significantly mitigates the effects of “climate emergencies”;

  4. Ignoring the dramatic decline of “deaths from extreme weather events”;

  5. Pretending that solar and wind technologies, while useful/supplemental, are unable to replace oil/fossil fuel energy as a primary energy driver of human civilization after more than fifty years of innovation by the solar and wind industries;

  6. Using, disingenuously, the Holocene Period’s coldest geological period as an inaccurate starting point for measuring rising temperatures across the planet;

  7. Manipulating surface temperature readings to counter satellite readings, which indicate no significant warming;

  8. Exaggerating the “scientific consensus” and “scientific studies” re: “climate change” via the United Nations’ (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and uncritically deploying said “consensus” and said “studies” for years via selected “experts” and “news” outlets;

  9. Covering up the IPCC’s raw data and methodologies, and blocking scientists skeptical of the UN/IPCC “climate change” narrative from publishing their critiques in peer-reviewed scientific journals (“Climategate”);

  10. Altering IPCC reports – after scientists wrote and approved final texts – to remove scientific skepticism regarding claims thar human activities are having major impact on our climate;

  11. Ignoring a fifteen year period of no significant warming (1998-2013), despite a 7% rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels;

  12. Denying the deceleration of the “global warming” tend since 1951, despite a 26% increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels;

  13. Forgetting that the earth’s atmosphere cooled very slightly from 1950-1985, and again from 1997-2015, while carbon dioxide (CO2) levels dramatically increased;

  14. Not acknowledging the “Medieval Climate Anomaly,” a period of time in which historical temperature reconstructions indicate past temperatures proved as high as recent temperatures in some regions;

  15. Ignoring that the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras experienced long periods where carbon dioxide (CO2) levels were much higher than they are today while temperatures proved far colder;

  16. Denying that recent IPCC’s recent estimates of the transient climate response (TCR = the climate estimate for the remainder of the 21st century) falls within the range of natural climate variations over the past six million years;

  17. Denying the research indicating that the planet has witnessed no increases in droughts or tropical cyclone activity during the past four decades;

  18. Forgetting that Antarctic sea ice content actually increased between 1979 and 2021, contradicting global circulation models (GCMs);

  19. Failing to consider the myriad benefits of planetary warming (i.e. increased plant life, and the ‘greening’ of our planet, etc.);

  20. Not acknowledging the fact that there is no known optimal or ‘natural” global temperature, even if global temperatures could ever accurately be measured, which is doubtful;


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