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“Nature as a Weapon of Global War: (SPRING 2022 UPDATE/BOOK REVIEW)

Publisher's Note: Thanks to Ed Conroy for this informative and detailed book review of Our Geoengineering Age research team members J. Marvin Herndon and Mark Whiteside's new book.

by J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D. and Mark Whiteside, M.D., M.P.H.; Published by the authors, 1921

Marvin Herndon’s and Mark Whiteside’s new book, as its title indicates, is not for the faint of heart.

Readers seeking a succinct yet penetrating overview of the chief characteristics of the covert geoengineering phenomenon, and the agenda behind it, will nonetheless welcome it with open arms.

I follow here Ian Baldwin’s distinction between the overt geoengineering program, otherwise known as Solar Radiation Management, which receives coverage in the mainstream media, and the covert geoengineering program, also identified as chemtrail activity, which is only covered in the new, independent media and in the books of a small but increasing number of passionately committed authors.

What Herndon and Whiteside uniquely bring to the table in this arena of discourse is their joint experience as the authors of numerous research papers on covert geoengineering published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Readers may find those papers at, the non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of an anti-geoengineering movement, associated with The Vermont Independent.

Herndon brings to this work his background as a distinguished independent, interdisciplinary scientist with degrees in physics and nuclear chemistry. Information on Herndon’s extensive geophysical and cosmological research, and his three other books, may be found at his website

Herndon attributes his interest in covert geoengineering to his life as a resident of San Diego, California, where in recent years he noticed unusual aerial spraying activity over the Pacific Ocean and then noticed local Torrey Pines in decline. He and friends began analyzing local rainwater, he recounts, only to find high concentrations of heavy metals and local authorities oblivious to their attempts to raise public awareness and concern.

Whiteside contributes to this work his lifetime of experience as a physician and public health officer, currently serving as Medical Director of the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County. His background adds credibility to the assertions both authors make about the apparent connections between the toxicity of the contents of chemtrails and the ongoing global decline in human health not only in the United States but globally.

Of course, Herndon and Whiteside are already familiar to students of the literature on geoengineering/chemtrails, with their names have been cited in the already published works of such authors as Elana Freeland, Peter A. Kirby, and other authors. They have been interviewed, as well, by Rob Williams on Plan V TV (check) and Claudia Stauber on her podcast Cabin Talk.

The authors have done a great service to readers, however, in condensing the pith and gist of their research papers—plus their clarion call of warning about geoengineering as a threat to humanity and the Earth—in this highly readable work of less than 170 pages. The book ends with sixty-two pages of detailed reference notes for each of the seven chapters, plus an excellently compiled ten-page index.

It is clear the authors are keenly aware that the information they present poses a compelling challenge to global and local leaders, as well as to activists who adhere to the consensus view—now verging on an unquestionable dogma—that the world’s present and future environmental ills are chiefly attributable to increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Quite to the contrary, the authors assert, based on their research, that it is the spraying of particles of coal fly ash into the atmosphere that is contributing far more greatly to global warming than solely the increasing production of carbon dioxide from the ordinary activities of human beings.

As the authors state in the abstract describing their 2020 paper “True Science for Governmental Leaders and Educators: The Main Cause for Global Warming” published in Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal

“Evidence from World War II indicates that particulate pollution, not carbon dioxide, is the cause of global warming. The difference between daily high and nightly low temperature data, tracked over time over a large geographic area, provide evidence that global warming is in fact occurring, which is independent of carbon dioxide. Particles in the lower atmosphere (troposphere) are heated by solar radiation and by radiant heat from the Earth and transfer that heat to atmospheric gases by molecular collisions. The resultant heating increases atmospheric temperature and reduces the temperature difference relative to air near the surface, which reduces atmospheric convection, and concomitantly reduces convective heat transport from the surface. This is the mechanism whereby particulate pollution causes global warming.”

No doubt the authors recognize very well that their arguments fly so directly in the face of established beliefs that they are very likely to simply be dismissed out of hand by persons in positions of academic or political authority, not to mention by a generation of young American activists committed to implementing the “Green New Deal.”

For that reason, in each of the book’s seven chapters, the authors comprehensively present many forms of evidence, including compelling ground-based and satellite photos of tropospheric spraying, plus graphs and maps, to make a solid case that covert geoengineering is real, a form of global warfare, and a major contributor to the demise of trees, insects, birds and bats, plus human respiratory, brain and heart diseases, and pandemics.

Although many authors assert that covert geoengineering is a form of globalist control designed to depopulate the earth, Herndon and Whiteside provide substance to their own allegations in that regard by giving the reader a legal critique of the language in the United Nations International Treaty “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques”—often referred to as ENMOD—which went into effect on October 5, 1978.

The authors characterize that agreement as “a diabolically deceptive Trojan horse document that mandates sovereign nations to engage in covert environmental warfare against their own citizens and against citizens of other sovereign nations.”

They go further to assert that unless the current world-wide covert geoengineering program is stopped, “we march rapidly toward the first human-caused mass extinction of life on earth.”

While the authors could have proposed numerous ways to halt that march, they end the book with a modest but powerful proposal.

They advance the idea that the Congress of the United States, and the legislative branches of other countries, should adopt a Technology Bill of Rights which would “guarantee the rights of individuals against technologically-based threats, and would place limitations on the application of threat-posing technologies” in addition to protecting “our freedoms, health, air, water, agriculture and the planetary environment from deliberate perversion and alteration.”

Certainly, such a new Bill of Rights is desperately needed, but whether the anonymous agents of covert geoengineering would respect such legislation is entirely another matter, and of grave concern.

In authoring this compact book, Herndon and Whiteside have done a great service to readers seeking to get a clear understanding of covert geoengineering that they can convey in understandable terms to friends, family, and people in leadership positions who may be quite resistant to departing from current consensus views about the climate crisis.

The extensive research so deftly communicated in this book deserves to be the subject of responsible public debate in both academic and political forums. Moreover, because its subject matter is of such a consequential nature, this is a book that deserves to be seriously reviewed in the New York Times and other major media outlets.

Since it is all too clear, though, that heretical scientific hypotheses such as those Herndon and Whiteside advance are more likely to be censored and ignored than debated, it is up to us who take the time to read this book to weigh its arguments.

It is up to us to discuss this book with the significant people in our lives—and hopefully bring this vitally important work to the attention of people of influence.

Hopefully, such conversations may inspire skeptical friends to look skyward, observe what the authors describe as “the awful chemical trails fanning out to create a milky sun-blotted sky,” open some closed minds, and motivate us all to act, in time, to stop the entire covert geoengineering program, world-wide.


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