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Welcome to Our Geoengineering Age

Here, we explore one of the most crucial and most underreported global environmental stories of our time.

Our national OGA research team is comprised of a nuclear geophysicist (Herndon), public health professional (Whiteside), environmental publisher (Baldwin), and environmental historian (Williams).

Our OGA collaboration began in 2015, when Vermont Independent published its first article on geoengineering, penned by Vermont environmentalist Ian Baldwin and California scientist Marvin Herndon.

After five years of collaboration and conversation, featuring research and publication of our geoengineering findings in a variety of global peer-reviewed scientific journals, we realized that a stand-alone web site is now necessary to share our geoengineering research, conclusions, and speculative questions with a larger global public.

OGA is now born.

We hope you find our OGA web site of value, and we hope you’ll consider supporting our OGA work.

Once again, welcome to Our Geoengineering Age.

Rob Williams, Ph.D.



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