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OGA: Our Strategic Mission (MARCH 2020 UPDATE)

Welcome to Our Geoengineering Age!

Just prior to Covid-19's seeming sudden arrival on the world stage, I spent the first half of March traveling to California and Florida, visiting with J. Marvin Herndon (CA) and Mark Whiteside (FLA) to film extended video interviews with these two courageous and well-researched experts. I covered hundreds of miles in California, a state that truly feels like "ground zero" for geoengineering activity, with every day bringing fresh tracks - "extended contrails" in official doublespeak - visible in the formerly cerulean blue sky overhead.

Traveling the Pacific Coast Highway just north of Los Angeles, CA - typical sky overhead.

Filming our OGA conversation in California with nuclear geophysicist J. Marvin Herndon.

We are fortunate to have both of them involved in our emerging OGA efforts - look for interviews with both men in the weeks ahead.

Filming our OGA conversation in Florida with public health professional Mark Whiteside.

When I returned home to Vermont on the front end of the exploding Covid-19 situation, I received a telephone call from a fellow Vermonter in Rutland a few days later demanding to know "what you are spraying in the sky above our heads." Clearly, this gentleman had found our OGA web site, and assumed that we were the ones responsible for the silvery-white trails now regularly marring the sky over our beautiful Green Mountains.

Vermonters are waking up.

We have five strategic goals here at OGA.

1) Highlight for the global public the latest peer-reviewed science making the case for geoengineering as a global force for “climate change,” courtesy Marvin Herndon, Mark Whiteside and Ian Baldwin’s efforts.

2) Contextualize for the global public geoengineering as a clandestine decades-long military project, courtesy Ian Baldwin’s excellent research with Rob Williams’ editing and publishing support.

3) Establish for the global public our OGA web site as a credible evidence-based research project for geoengineering updates as they unfold moving forward.

4) Track the mainstream “news” media’s near-complete blackout on geoengineering efforts by governments, corporations, and the military, which until now has remained a TABOO subject.

5) Build support and networking opportunities for citizen activists working to end geoengineering across the globe.

I hope this makes clear our OGA mission and purpose.

And finally, a request.

If you believe, as we here at OGA do, that geoengineering represents the single most underreported yet vital global environmental issue of our time, please consider supporting our efforts. We need your help.

Save our Skies!

Dr. Rob Williams, Publisher


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