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OGA: Looking Up, And Looking Ahead (WINTER 2021 UPDATES)

Happy new year, citizen environmentalists around the world!

Thanks for visiting our OGA web site. We hope you find it useful.

We've been busy over the last month, and have big plans for 2021.

Central to our 2021 efforts:

1) ARCHIVES: Continued work on the Rosalind Peterson archives - please read our "Warrior For Clean Skies" paper on Peterson's pioneering anti-geoengineering efforts here.

2) PUBLIC AWARENESS: Expansion of our efforts to get out the word re: OGA on social media platforms - follow us at all of our SM channels through our web site.

3) RESEARCH AND PUBLICATION: The heart of what we do. Visit our SCIENCE and ESSAYS pages and share them with friends, family and professional colleagues.

We leave you with pop musician Lana Del Ray's disturbing new music video "Chemtrails Over The Country Club" - sent along by several readers. Sign o' the times.


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