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OGA: Growing The Good Work (SPRING 2021 UPDATES)

Spring Greetings, Sky Watchers!

We've had a busy winter at OGA.

To wit:

Two peer-reviewed papers now published on pioneering citizen scientist Rosalind Peterson's archives, as we move this spring and summer toward curating a more focused collection of her best work.

Several new scientific papers published on the impact of geoengineering and related phenomena.

Steady work continues on our environmental history series focused on Electro Magnetic Frequency and its environmental impacts on the world.

And we've begun a new PATREON account to help you help us by supporting our work.

As always, follow us on our social media channels, and please share and support our work - and be in touch at "archives AT ourgeoengineeringage DOT org."

Eyes on our Skies!


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