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OGA: Giving Thanks (HOLIDAYS 2020)

Here in Vermont, we celebrate Stick Season every year, that season between Autumn's Peak Foliage and Winter Snow's arrival - raw, cold, and dark outside, but also cozy, warm, and full of strange promise and portent.

Geoengineering activity over the Ohio skies - November 2020. PHOTO: Nick Rogers.

As OGA nears the finale of our first full year, we have much for which to be thankful.

Our Mission and Team:

“Our Geoengineering Age” is a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to “an evidence-based exploration of our planet’s most pressing yet underreported global environmental issue” – geoengineering, an umbrella term referring to a wide variety of ongoing weather and climate modification programs being conducted by both civilian and military actors. We engage in 1) interdisciplinary environmental research; 2) multimedia publishing; and 3) environmental education and outreach via our growing OGA network. Our OGA team is comprised of environmentalist and publisher Ian Baldwin (Vermont), nuclear geochemist J. Marvin Herndon (California), physician and public health expert Mark Whiteside (Florida), and environmental historian and professor Rob Williams (Vermont), along with feature researcher/writer Nick Rogers (Ohio), OGA webmistress and design specialist Abigail Stone (Vermont), and an evolving team of college and university interns from Champlain College’s environmental policy program and the University of Vermont’s public communications and environmental studies programs.

Our 2020 Accomplishments:

1) Establishing a healthy collaborative fiscal and strategic relationship with our Vermont nonprofit partners.

2) Building a professional web site at

3) Creating and growing OGA social media channels via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

4) Curating forty peer-reviewed scientific essays on geoengineering and related topics (Herndon, Whiteside and Baldwin) from a wide variety of journals at

5) Publishing twelve geoengineering essays and two EMF essays (Ian Baldwin) at, with more to come in 2021.

6) Conducting and publishing “on location” video interviews with our OGA research team in California, Florida, Vermont, and Ohio (with Nick Rogers virtually via Skype).

7) Partnering with California-based environmental nonprofit “Environmental Voices” to archive and curate California citizen-scientist-activist Rosalind Peterson’s extensive decades-long geoengineering archives. (EV contract ending January 2021)

8) Drafting a 6,300 word essay for peer-reviewed publication entitled “Warrior For Clean Skies – Rosalind Peterson’s Environmental Legacy.”

9) Transcribing and publishing OGA long-form interviews with Baldwin, Herndon, and Whiteside, along with six transcripts from the Rosalind Peterson archives.

10) Teaching OGA’s emerging research in environmental history and policy courses at Champlain College and the University of Vermont.

11) Building an OGA team of interns in collaboration with Champlain College and the University of Vermont.

And our future - for 2021 and Beyond?

Big plans. Stay tuned.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year - see you in 2021.

And remember, keep your eyes on our skies!


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