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OGA: COVID Geoengineering (MAY 2020 UPDATE)

Observant Vermonters noticed a few days back - early May 2020 - a strange set of white trails in our otherwise blue sky during this, our COVID moment, when most all commercial air traffic is more or less shut down. Our Geoengineering Age readers quickly recognized that COVID has not stopped USM efforts to "geoengineer" our Green Mountain skies. Geoengineering activist and "Frankenskies" film producer Matt Landman provides a funny and provocative overview of "geoengineering" in his recent LiveAware 2020 keynote talk below - a good introduction one of the most underreported global environmental issues of our time. Nuclear geochemist J. Marvin Herndon, a lead member of our OGA research team, explains the how's and why's of clandestine global geoengineering, a UN program "loopholed" under the 1978 ENMOD treaty as "global climate modification for peaceful (read - 'non-military') purposes, a reality Herndon calls "Global Environmental Warfare." Eye opening. And look for an exciting announcement re: our new PGA project soon!

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