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Ian Baldwin

A lifelong birdwatcher and sky observer, in 2005 Ian started to notice peculiar cloud formations and long-lasting ‘contrails’ in Vermont (where he’d been living since 1982). Lacking the requisite technical background, he kept his observations more or less to himself until 2014, when a friend introduced him to Marvin Herndon, an Earth scientist who was concerned about long-lasting contrails clogging San Diego’s formerly clear-blue skies. Herndon and Baldwin began a close collaboration via Skype, helping each other formulate ideas and write about a subject officially termed a ‘conspiracy theory’—variously subjected to disinformation, silence, or ridicule in scientific, political, environmental, and corporate media circles. 


Since 2015 Ian and Marvin, joined by Mark Whiteside in 2016, have published 40 scientific articles and non-scientific essays about geoengineering and its radical consequences for human and environmental health and Earth’s climate system.


Ian was born in New York City and grew up in then-rural Mt. Kisco, NY. He graduated from Columbia University with a BA in English in 1962 after taking a year off to travel around the world. After a tour of duty in the National Guard’s basic training at Fort Dix, NJ, he worked for Holt, Rinehart & Winston as editor of biological sciences in its college division. He then worked as director of publications for the Institute for World Order (now the Institute for World Policy) where he set up an international publishing program for its pioneering multinational social science research program, the World Order Models Project. 


While studying for an MA in psychology (awarded 1980) in Goddard College’s off-campus graduate program, completing a year’s internship at Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Ian worked as a grant writer for the Environmental Defense Fund. In 1982 he and his wife Margo left New York City for Vermont, where in 1984 they founded Chelsea Green Publishing Company, specializing in books about conservation and the environment, organic agriculture and gardening, alternative energy and shelter, and the politics of living sustainably 

In 2020 Ian co-founded Our Geoengineering Age (link to OGA web site) with his friend and colleague Rob Williams, a student, historian, and teacher of media studies in the 21st century.

J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

Marvin earned a BA in physics from the University of California, San Diego in 1970, and a PhD in nuclear chemistry from Texas A & M in 1974. He served a three-year post-doctoral apprenticeship in geochemistry and cosmochemistry under Nobel Laureate Harold C. Urey and renowned geochemist Hans E. Seuss.


Marvin’s discoveries have been published in world-class peer-reviewed journals and include: recognizing that Earth’s early formation as a Jupiter-like gas giant makes it possible to derive virtually all the geological and geodynamic behavior of our planet, including the origin of mountains characterized by folding, the primary initiation of fjords and submarine canyons; the origin and typography of ocean floors and continents through whole Earth decompression dynamics; Earth’s previously unanticipated and potentially variable energy and heat sources, such as a terra-centric nuclear fission reactor at the center of Earth; the origin of Earth’s magnetic field; and the origin of Earth’s petroleum and natural gas deposits.


Marvin has also published papers that reveal the basis of the similarities and differences between Earth’s origin and the origins of other planets in the solar system; how stars, including our own sun, ignite; and the reason why the vast multitude of galaxies in the universe display just a few prominent patterns of luminous stars.  


For the past five years Marvin has been publishing peer-reviewed papers, many co-written with Mark Whiteside, that disclose the composition and human and environmental-health consequences of the near-global, near-daily, undisclosed jet-spraying of particulate matter into the lower atmosphere. Recently he discovered that particulate pollution, not carbon-dioxide, is likely the primary cause of anthropogenic global warming.


Marvin has been a resident of San Diego for 50 years, observing the persistent deterioration of its once pristine, cerulean skies over the past decade. His informational website is

Mark Whiteside, M.D., M.P.H.

Mark Whiteside, M.D., M.P.H. is a physician trained in internal medicine and infectious/tropical disease. He has decades-long experience in both clinical work and research on HIV/AIDS. Over the past 12 years he has served as the Medical Director of the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County. Since 2016, he and Dr. J Marvin Herndon have done fully independent research resulting in multiple peer-reviewed scientific articles on the dire human and environmental effects of tropospheric aerosol geoengineering. Dr. Whiteside considers that ongoing and unacknowledged climate engineering operations are the greatest threat to the planet.


Dr. Whiteside is married to Lilla, a physical therapist, and they have two children. He is a life-time birder and naturalist and for several years has been President of the Florida Keys Audubon Society.

Rob Williams Ph.D.

A lifetime lover of the outdoors, Dr. Rob Williams earned his BA in environmental history from Princeton University (1985) and his MA (1995) and PhD (2000) in environmental history from the University of New Mexico. Along with Ian Baldwin, he is the co-founder of the print journal Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence and now Vermont Independent, an online decentralist news journal devoted to championing political resistance and greater resilience for our Green Mountain communities. Long a watcher of the skies, Williams first became aware of geoengineering after reading and editing Ian Baldwin’s initial essay on the subject in 2016, and beginning his own systematic observations of the sky, as well as investigations into the clandestine military history of geoengineering as part of his work in researching “Our Geoengineering Age.”

In addition to writing and editing hundreds of feature stories at Vermont Commons/Independent since 2005 and publishing wide variety of book chapters on new digital media and communications, Williams has published four books – Most Likely To Secede (Vermont Independence Press, 2012), Media Education For A Digital Generation (Routledge, 2016), The Post (Truth) World: Fighting Fake News With A 21st Century Propaganda Model For Our Digital Age (Vermont Independence Press, 2019), and Media Mojo: Comm-On Power Tools and Strategic Storytelling Strategies For Our Digital Age (Vermont Independence Press, 2020). He is currently researching a book about the history of yaks. 

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